Double-Sided Insets for Custom Double Front Doors Completed!

Ann undertook a new challenge in her latest custom order.  In these two large panels (each weighing almost 50 pounds and measuring two inches thick), Ann carefully layered her glass to create a window that is a showstopper from both the front and the back.  As she told her students in the Fused Glass Landscape class she taught this weekend, this piece was a balancing act.  Rather than using her usual technique of starting layering from the back and building up to the front, she built certain elements of the design into the center of the window, layering transparent glass behind and in front to make sure they were visible from both sides, while creating a unique landscape depending on which side you are looking at. The depth and intricacy of this piece is difficult to capture in a photo, as the light playing through the glass from  either side changes the highlights and shadows, giving the viewer a different piece each time they look at it.

Top Images: Door panels from the front
Bottom Images: Door panels from behind

Take a look at the side view!  The clear transparent layer you see is safety glass, since the piece will be installed in a front door.

Side view of the front door panel, showing the almost 2″ thickness

Impressive!  That is a house where you certainly don’t want to let the door hit you on the way out.

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