TAW Gallery Visit

Ann brought me (and her granddaughter, Iris) along on her visit to the TAW Gallery in Tumalo, Oregon this weekend.  TAW is celebrating their one-year anniversary this weekend–congratulations, TAW (Tumalo Art Works)!  What a beautiful space!

Ann’s glass in the TAW Gallery front window

A piece of Ann’s glass, framed in a reclaimed window, placed next to TAW’s front doors.

In addition to the warm and welcoming main gallery, made even more so by the hot spiced cider served by gallery owner Doe Badley, there is a second open and bright space that serves as both a gallery and studio/classroom space.  This is where Ann and many other artists hold group classes.  You can check out TAW’s current class schedule by clicking here to go to their website.

TAW’s classroom space

Ann and gallery owner Doe check on supplies

Ann and Doe talk shop

Ann’s granddaughter Iris enjoyed the gallery too!

Grandma Ann shows Iris Anne the kiln room

A walk through TAW’s outdoor sculpture garden

To celebrate its one-year anniversary, The TAW Gallery will have food, beverages, music, and of course cake!  Come by between 10:30 AM and 5:30 PM this Saturday, November 3rd to see this beautiful gallery and celebrate its first year.

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2 Responses to TAW Gallery Visit

  1. Jae Yost says:

    Wow Ann, wish i could have been there to meet Iris Anne! Hope we see you Sat?
    Love, Jae

  2. Debbie Parrish-Urben says:

    That is awesome! Happy Anniversary to TAW! Beautiful artworks are there for all to enjoy and you can even let your own creative juices flow in one of the many classes offered!

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