Visit to Don Terra Gallery in Sisters, Oregon

Ann and I had a girls’ day out visiting galleries during our recent trip to Central Oregon.  While the boys went hiking, Ann, Iris, and I stopped to check in with Teri at the lovely Don Terra Gallery in Sisters, Oregon.

Ann’s glass is displayed beautifully here, with shelves lining the windows allowing light to stream through her pieces.

Light coming through Ann’s pieces at the Don Terra Gallery

I am always amazed at the different effects the light has on a piece of fused glass.  Depending on where you  position the piece, it can look incredibly different.  When you visit Don Terra, try looking at Ann’s work both backlit through the window and then see how it looks with the ambient light of the room.  It’s like two pieces of art in one!

Iris (Ann’s granddaughter) also loved exploring the Don Terra Gallery.  She did a great job being careful under our watchful eyes, but there were so many pretty things that caught her attention.  She is such a girly girl!

Ann and Teri are very trusting.

Iris Anne gets a closer look at one of Grandma Ann’s pieces. This one is built into a reclaimed window frame.

Thanks, Teri, for the fun visit to your gallery!  Stay tuned for more information about Don Terra’s upcoming FIVE YEAR anniversary celebration towards the end of the month!  Congratulations on this milestone.

Ann and Teri finally getting comfortable with me snapping pictures of them

If a trip to Sisters isn’t in your near future, you should definitely check out Don Terra’s website.  It’s a wealth of information about the gallery, artists, and even has the option to shop online.  Take a look!

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