Dragonfire Gallery: The Space Between the Notes

At this year’s Stormy Weather Festival in Cannon Beach, Oregon, DragonFire Studio and Gallery‘s theme was “The Space Between the Notes.”  As a part of this theme, DragonFire’s artists created statements about what this meant to them, which were then bound in a book for display in the gallery.

The custom stand for the book was made by metal artist (and collaborator and friend of Ann’s) Linley Schetky.

Metal stand by Linley Schetky

Ann’s page in DragonFire’s “Space Between the Notes” book

Ann’s page reads:

“For me the space between the notes can occur two times during a day but only if the quality of light is just right.  Most often it is when the last light of dusk is leaving and turning into night.  This cause me to pause and reflect.  It is often with melancholy I reflect on the day, the past and the future.  I am sad to give up the day.  At dawn the pause is quite different – full of energy, creation and hope.  I cherish both of these “spaces” as they are part of what helps me create.
For the show I have created two pieces which represent both of these times.”

Below are the pieces Ann created especially for this show, as displayed at DragonFire:

Dawn, for 2012 Stormy Weather Festival

Dusk, for 2012 Stormy Weather Festival

Another featured piece at Dragonfire is Ann’s 60-lb double-sided work, Bend Landscape.  This piece is equally impressive viewed from the front or the back, and is complete with a custom metal stand by Arnie Chupp.  This piece, as well as the smaller landscape displayed below it, is available for purchase at Dragonfire Studio.

Bend Landscape

Contact DragonFire for purchasing information.

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