Don Terra Artworks offers online shopping!

I spent this afternoon uploading images of Ann’s glass to Don Terra Artworks’ online shopping site.  The Don Terra Artworks gallery, located in Sisters, Oregon, is committed to a strong web presence and making their artists’ work available to a wide audience.  In order to make this happen, Don Terra’s artists are able to post their pieces to be purchased online.  Take a look at Ann’s work and check out the other artists featured on the site!  You just might find a great piece that would make a perfect Christmas gift, and Don Terra will ship it right to your door!

Click HERE to see all of Ann’s pieces in Don Terra’s online gallery in a new window.

The pieces below are the ones currently available from Don Terra online.

Tribal10" x 13"

10″ x 13″

Fiery Maples6" x 11.5"

Fiery Maples
6″ x 11.5″

Pond Flora9" x 19"

Pond Flora
9″ x 19″

Autumn Birches10" x 16"

Autumn Birches
10″ x 16″

Fall Flagstones17" x 15"

Fall Flagstones
17″ x 15″

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