Fresh Out of the Kiln

A peek at a few new landscapes and techniques Ann has recently finished.

A new vibrant landscape:

Joyful Valley

Joyful Valley

A winter landscape that achieves amazing depth by carving the backside of the piece for subtle dimension when light comes through the piece, as well as giving the backside a display-worthy look of its own:

Dormant Orchard

Dormant Orchard

And finally, a landscape that has been rolled by a glassblower into a cylindrical form:


Muted River


These pieces have been added to Ann’s glass gallery pages.

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2 Responses to Fresh Out of the Kiln

  1. Betsy Diffendal says:

    These are beautiful…congratulations on your Lands Board commission…what a perfect award! I love your rolled up piece…I met a young man ..a glass artist from Seattle …who came to Patty Gray’ s class in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. He does roll ups for fused pieces…I forget his name…do you know him? As I recall there is a maximum thickness that can be rolled, right? Hope you’re having a productive winter…good cold week to have the kilns firing! Warm regards, Betsy Diffendal

  2. Christi Carlo says:

    All I can say if WOW!!! The carving the back…stunning! The cylinder…awesome!
    I have really been jonzing to work with you again. I will hopefully be contacting you soon.
    Thanks for sharing your work, it’s inspiring!

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