Ann in Beaverton! May 27, 2015

Please join me tomorrow 7 pm at the Beaverton Oregon Activity Center. I will be presenting a power point exploration of what inspires my glass and the process I use to create my glass pieces.

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2 Responses to Ann in Beaverton! May 27, 2015

  1. Sandi Fisher says:

    Ann, I would truly love to see your presentation! Unfortunately, traveling 300 miles one way isn’t always practical, so I will miss it. Will you video tape it? If you do, I am sure others would also appreciate the opportunity to see your presentation. Honest, I know I could learn a lot!

  2. cheryl Bino says:

       Ann we enjoyed you presentation tonight, would love to get together and show you the pic’s from Canada last year and the Oregon Blue Mt’s in October, if you ever get time. Cheryl takes your class I will try to work something out that way.   Bob Bino   

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