About Ann Cavanaugh:

“I first fell in love with glass in 1980, when I took a two-hour class on how to make a leaded glass picture frame. For the next twenty-four years, I expressed my love of color and light by making stained glass pieces of all sorts. As I look back over my work, I can see that I had a passion for nature and an appreciation of interesting textures. You could identify my work from the rocks, shells, and bits of pottery that I incorporated into them.

In 2004, I took my first fused glass class. From the first hour I knew I had found my medium. I was drawn to fused glass by the depth and complexity that were possible by building layers of glass into translucent images of amazing emotional power.

Since that first fused glass experience my shop has become a studio and my time is spent creating complex glass landscapes and statements. Some of my pieces are set into reclaimed window frames. These frames are designed to be hung, put into a table frame or displayed on stands.

Ann checks on a piece in the kiln

My work ranges from realistic snowy woods scenes to abstract pieces of urban energy. One of the most exciting aspects of my art is the collaboration of working with artists in other mediums such as metal, photography and fabric. It allows me to explore the limits of my art.

Working with glass brings together science and discovery. Every piece created is exciting and represents new learning. Pushing the limits of this medium continues to challenge and interest me. When I open the kiln after a fuse, the anticipation is like a young child’s eagerness at Christmas – the wonder of it all.”


About the blog:  Photos and text in posts and pages are by Beth Cavanaugh unless otherwise noted.


3 Responses to About

  1. Sandi fisher says:

    I love glass! I have taken a several classes, and enjoy using glass in many formats. I’ve done stained glass and fused pieces (I have a kiln). Currently I am interested in painting with glass, or perhaps a combination of painting and collage works. I am looking for classes or books that might give me some pointers, but my timing is awful. I seems to find what I need on a day I cannot go, or the class is past. Are there any books available? Ann, do you perhaps sell the printed information you use in your classes? I have a project I am excited, but fearful to begin, as glass is expensive, and I would hate to waste a lot just learning what may seem obvious! Can you help?

    • annfusion says:

      Hi Sandi,

      Ann’s classes are very hands-on, but I will pass your email address on to her to see if she can offer any pointers. She does have an upcoming class in June with 2 spots left, if you are able to come to the SW Washington area!

  2. Sandi fisher says:

    Are there Any classes planned in Bend, oregon? It is so much closer. If not, what are the dates in June? And the details? I don’t see that class listed. Thanks.

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