Battleground WA Studio

Ann has spent years developing the perfect space to create her pieces, and has now expanded that space to include room for students as well.  The newly finished studio on five beautifully landscaped acres in Battleground, WA provides ample inspiration for the varied techniques and results possible with fused glass.  In addition to the large open work table area, the studio includes kilns of different sizes, a wet room for polishing and finish work, exposed storage for the beautiful glass materials, and a cozy woodstove to keep the artists going even in the dead of winter.

View of the studio through the open garage door, allowing maximum natural light

Work tables and materials storage

Kiln rooms

Cutting and Polishing

Wall of Frit

Heat up your tea water or get cozy by the woodstove, surrounded by tile and original glass pebbles by Ann Cavanaugh

Decorative glass tiles adorn the walls

What’s that I see, hiding by the window? A stack of “Best in Show” awards from the Oregon Glass Guild?

Besides glass, Ann also has a passion for gardening and landscaping.  Walking around the 5 acres surrounding the studio space, you may find a quiet oasis, artwork tucked into a tree or beside a walkway, a ripening vegetable garden, mossy rock vistas, and meandering paths.  Check back in the spring and summer for photos of the gardens in full bloom!

Collaborative piece with Linley Schetky, metal sculptor.


The grapevines

Sit beneath the banana leaves

Textures, light, and shade all make great inspirations.

Beside the studio

Hidden Patio

Glass in the trees

Pathways through the gardens







7 Responses to Battleground WA Studio

  1. Deborah Grossman says:

    GREAT job, Beth. You captured her studio and gardens perfectly.

  2. Pam Rhodes says:

    My foosnwaa! er, goodness! You have made so many upscale changes to your glass studio(s?) And your gardens are grown up and so tantalizing. Good work!

  3. Gorgeous! I definitely have studio envy! 🙂 We really enjoyed seeing your work at the Gathering of the Guilds last weekend.

  4. Holly Crilly says:

    Ann, I need to contact you about the Oct. 26 class. I have just found out that I have company arriving the 24 -30. I will have to try and take a class in the spring. I am so disappointed.

  5. susie goddard says:

    Hello Ann
    I would very much love to take some of your class. The distant is the issue for me. Would you have some of your class on CD so I can purchase?
    Thank you
    Susie Goddard

    • Beth says:

      Hi Susie,
      Thank you for your interest, but Ann’s classes are only available in person. If you are ever in the SW Washington/Oregon Coast area, I hope you are able to make it work!

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